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It is at the beginning of the XX century that Eugenio Marinella throws the bases of what would become one of the most fabulous Neapolitan "success stories". In 1914, at the eve of the first world war, Eugenio decided, showing an undeniable amount of courage and initiative, to open a shop in Piazza Vittoria, on the elegant Riviera di Chiaia in Naples.

The passion for the elegance and the quality still today goes on, thanks to Maurizio Marinella, third generation of the family, that has picked up the inheritance of the mark with an entrepreneurial spirit in agreement with the modern laws of the marketing, succeeding in making the mark E. Marinella be affirmed also abroad, from the United States to Japan. The production signed E.Marinella has preserved the scrupulous attention to the quality of the raw materials and the cared manufacture, still today rigorously handicraft.

Luchino Visconti ordered galore of it, all with blue or red background, unlined as foulard that he coordinated to coloured small pocket Indian silk handkerchiefs. Aristotle Onassis used to buy twelve of it in one time, rigorously black, to discourage the interlocutors and never to make them to understand of what humour he was. Still today, as at the beginning of the century, the Marinella ties are round the neck of the most elegant and famous men: the book of the signatures jealously guarded in the shop enumerates the autographs of a lot of crowned heads and presidents of state, high exponents of the politics and the entrepreneurial world, of the culture and of the show. They have been round the neck of all the American presidents from Kennedy onwards, included Bill Clinton who was given them by his wife Hillary. Today among the noble customers there are King Juan Carlos and the prince Alberto of Monaco, several exponents of Agnelli house, but also Cossiga, Berlusconi and D'Alema.

Men endowed with good taste, who don't want to resign the tie, manufactured to measure by experienced hands, men for whom a Marinella tie is a true "author's knot."

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