A tailor has a distinctive brand only when the style of garment unmistakably reveals the hand of the craftsman and the unique style. It is precisely about a piece of garment no longer being merely a clothing item but becoming an important part of the image. This is how a tailor ceases to be merely a craftsman and becomes a creator. This is what distinguishes us in the market and that is what we would like to offer to our customers.

The style of garments made in our firm largely depends on the owner since he determines and shapes the personality of the brand and the image of its clients.


Zaremba’s roots are in the English style and for many years the company was drawing on the methods developed on London's Savile Row. Even though we do not forget about the noble English roots, we have recently came up with a fresher and lighter style closer to the style of Italian tailors. With minor changes and tiny details our jackets became lighter and dynamic.


The customer has the final say in terms of the style because it is our priority that the clothes fit his personality.


Zaremba Bespoke is over a hundred years of history which is also the history of Warsaw and its finest. Always at the center of the city, together with it the firm has been experiencing great receptions and balls as well as repression and destruction. You can read more about the history on our website.